Hand Block Print  The process of block printing begins with the wooden blocks. Wood carvers cut designs into blocks of different shapes and sizes. These blocks are then dipped in vegetable dye colors and are printed like stamps on the cloth. Different blocks for different colors are used. The outcome is a beautiful product made by artisans of India.

Hand block printing is a centuries old art form popular in India, China, and many other East Asian countries. It is also referred to simply as “block printing” or “woodblock printing.”

In India, this ancient printing technique utilizes a hand-carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk. The result is truly unique, hand block printed fabric that connects us to a rich tradition and history of handmade crafts.

There are two main types of block printing methods used for Passion Lilie’s fabrics: pigment dyeing, primarily used on a white based fabric as the dye sits on top of the fabric, and reactitive dyeing- used with a dark base fabric as the dye reacts with the fabric and changes the base color of the fabric. 

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