Suzani Embroidery: Make Suzani a Part of Your Home Decor.

What is suzani 

A traditional embroidered textile called a suzani, whose name derives from the Farsi word “suzan,” which means “needle,” is usually made from cotton fabric and silk thread.

The design’s floral patterns are what make it special.

What are technique of suzani

The couching stitch and chain stitch are the only two stitching techniques utilised in the suzani, which is surprising given the stunning patterns it has.

Couching Stitch

Couching stitches come in two varieties known as basma and kanda khayol. Long strands are sewed onto a hand-drawn design on the fabric in a technique known as kanda khayol. Then, using smaller stitches that are typically diagonal to the kanda khayol stitches, the basma stitch is used to secure the long strands. An additional method for making suzanis is the chain stitch.

Fine Silk Chain Stitch

A chain stitch is a common embroidery technique that resembles a chain of looped threads. A tambour hook can be used to pierce the fabric and draw thread through when stitching suzanis.

How can we use suzani in our daily lives?

We know that suzani is great work and takes lots of hard work and patience to make. On our website, we represent our artisans’ hard work and their skills and art to make suzani the best for your home decor like cushions, bedspreads, handbags, and many more. Our vision is not to stick with only one thing; we want to make many things from many different arts.

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