Handloomed Large Cotton Throw Bedspread Cosy Blanket


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  • Product Type: Throw Blanket with Long Tassels
  • Dimension : 150 x 225 Cms Approx.
  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Technique: Hand Loomed
  • Usage: Can Be Used as Sofa Throw, Blanket, Couch Throw, Bed Throw, etc.

This Handloomed Large Cotton Throw Bedspread Cosy Blanket is completely Hand Loomed & Hand Embroidered by Local Artisans with beautiful colorful Aztec Embroidery, Snuggle and Enjoy the warmth of this Beautiful Throw Blanket. It works well on sofas, chairs, beds, and even outdoor furniture. Its high versatility makes it easy to pair and blend with any existing decor. We’re happy to create and bring to your home, these beautiful one-of-a-kind throws! These Throw Cotton blankets with Tassels can be used as a bed covering, folded at the base of a bed, or draped over a piece of furniture to add extra texture to your room decor and create cozy vibes and inviting space with our throw blanket.


Hand loomed: Hand-loomed textiles have a quality of richness and depth missing from commercially produced textiles a handloom requires human power, no electricity to manually weave a fabric, weaving warp and weft yarns together this is how it’s been done for as long as we know fabric to have existed, there’s is the reason it’s been around for thousands of years. the qualities are really unique and special for a fabric.

Usage: This Authentic and Luxurious Throw Can Be Used As Shawl, Sofa Throw, Blanket, Stole, Couch Throw, Bed Throw, Housewarming Gift, Christmas Gift, New Year Gift And Many More…

Note: Actual Product may differ slightly in color then the photographs depending upon the screen resolution.


Gray, Multicolored

Hand Arts

Hand Embroidered, Hand Loomed


Authentic, Bohemian, Decorative, Fringes, Outdoor

Throws By Pattern



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Handloomed Large Cotton Throw Bedspread Cosy Blanket